Playing Online Casino Games

There is several places you can play online casino games. Of course you can play in online casinos but you may also play them on game sites which have been popping up like crazy. Places like facebook offer lots of versions of casino games where you just download the app and play with credits they give you. Normally this is not very much and you have to come back every so many hours to collect more credits. The only way the credits increase is if you build up levels which means spending a lot of time getting very little. You can buy credits but that can be expensive just to play a free game that really is not so free.

Another way to play casino games online is to actually play in a real casino but only playing under a guest account. Most casinos will allow you to add credits at any time and play the majority of their games. The only thing you have to deal with is a annoying pop up asking you to play for real but if you can deal with that it is way cheaper than playing some apps that just want money without giving you anything in return except maybe a bit of spins. One thing to be aware of some game sites that you can play at for free do install malware on your computer so you do need to be careful and only play at trusted sites like facebook where they scan for this. Other apps may have Trojans that still your information or install nasty viruses. That’s why I do recommend just joining a real casino instead of all these fun sites that can be risky.